Dog Home Training

Dog Home Training

As dog owners we understand that sometimes you may come across problems with your dog that you are unsure how to deal with. Contented Canines Home Training sessions are designed specifically to solve these problems, working as a team with you to overcome any issues you may be having. We are committed to helping you and your dog in the most efficient and effective way.

Why Home Training?

Busy lifestyles, young families and work commitments may prevent you from attending our regular weekday evening classes. We can put together a home training session programme to enable you to cover all of the exercises on the course – and more – in the comfort of your own home.

Some dogs are simply not comfortable in a training class environment. This may be due to previous negative experiences of training classes or nervousness around other dogs or groups of people. If dogs are overwhelmed by fear or anxiety they are unable to learn new information in which case they may learn better coping techniques when given more space in an environment where they are relaxed and happy.

We all want to enjoy our lives with our dogs, and we want to make sure they are happy too. Sadly sometimes things don’t go as planned. Your dog isn’t happy and neither are you! Some dogs have complex problems which need addressing with careful assessment and planning. We can work with you to design a programme which will focus on you and your dog’s individual needs and requirements.

With all of the often conflicting information out there from other dog owners, books, and the internet it can be so difficult to know where to start. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to any dog problem, each needs careful assessment and a tailored approach. To focus on specific problems we recommend a concentrated home training programme. Please get in touch for further information!

Please click on the links below to read more detailed information on some of the issues our home training courses can help you to solve, along with real life case studies from clients we have helped. 

Puppy Training 

Puppy Training and Doggy Manners Training

Operation Socialisation at Home 

Operation Socialisation at Home

Family Dog Training 

The Happy Family Dog!

Travel Sickness 

Travel Sickness and Anxiety

Resource Guarding 

Resource Guarding


Barky Dogs

Fearful Dogs 

Scared and Fearful Dogs/Nervous Dogs

Wonerful Walkies 

Wonderful Walkies (Pulling on the lead and not coming back when called)

Seperation Anxiety 

Separation Anxiety (Dogs that can’t be left alone)

Schools and Community Outreach 

Schools and Community Outreach