The Total Dog Walking Toolkit

WHAT DOES EVERY DOG OWNER WANT? To have happy, relaxed and fun walks with their dogs!

Unfortunately our dogs sometimes have different ideas!

They drag you along when they are on the lead, they run off and won’t come back when you let them off the lead.

And when you come across distractions like other people and other dogs they are out of control!

It’s a far cry from the wonderful walks you would love to enjoy, with your dog trotting happily beside you no matter what else is going on, staying close when off the lead and coming back quickly every time you call!

Our Total Dog Walking Toolkit Course teaches you all of the exercises you need to have happy walks with your dog!

This is an advanced level course for dogs and puppies who have previously attended training classes with us or elsewhere. This unique 6 week course combines traditional class training and training field trips.


  • Places are limited to 6 dogs per class to ensure individual coaching.
  • Experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Handouts and homework to accompany each week of the course.
  • Bespoke training venue.
  • Course price includes starter pack with clicker and treats.


WEEK ONE – Loose lead walking, Handling distractions, Stay put practice, Putting it together and thinking ahead

WEEK TWO – Attention exercise, Five rules of recall, Proper prompting, Understanding rewards, Come and stay, Thinking ahead

WEEK THREE – Loose lead walking, Leave It, Go for It, Loose lead walking challenge, Thinking ahead

WEEK FOUR – Wait for car travel, Wait for crossing the street, Sidewalk stroll, Thinking ahead

WEEK FIVE – Stay warm up, Puppy in the Middle, Come anyway, Recall from distractions, Recall challenge, Send Rover Over and thinking ahead

WEEK SIX – Loose lead walking, Leave It, Go for It, Putting it all together walking challenge, Thinking ahead – planning a neighbourhood walk

Classes are held at Woof and Ready, Unit 8, Glossop Brook Industrial Estate, Surrey Street, Glossop, SK13 7AJ.