3 Steps to Silence – The Barking Dog Seminar with Claire Lawrence of High Peak Dogs

Rewrite the rules & Retrain your fearful barking dog.

Do you have a barking dog and have come to hate walking them? It’s a struggle to do isn’t it.

Are you sick of continually being on high alert when outside? What’s gonna distract them next?! What’s coming around the next corner?!

It’s tiring having to battle with your dog’s ‘out of the blue’ lunges and barking fits. Day in, day out. Christ you’d think they know better by now, wouldn’t you?

Well now you don’t have to feel this way anymore, because it’s finally here. The very first barking dog seminar in Glossop presented by ‘The Dog Charmer’ herself, Claire Lawrence.

A chance to turn that chaos back into calm.

In this seminar you will learn:

– The 3 biggest challenges every barking dog owner faces and how to overcome them

– How to regain YOUR confidence in handling your dog effectively, and turn those problematic walks into an owner focused one again

– The 3 Steps to silence training plan, that will guide you through. Step by step, how to eliminate the barking AND get your dog to willingly respond to your commands.

This is going to be unlike any other barking dog seminar!

On arrival you will receive a welcome pack, but you’ll also get your mitts on my brand new 3 Steps To Silence Book! Plus this isn’t going to just be a sit down and watch me seminar.

You’ll get practical, interactive and hands on personal training on the day, alongside a manual full of barking dog training, so you can revert back to and look at it, any time you need to!

***Please note: You cannot bring your dog to this event. There will be dogs there for you to work with on the day under supervision and guidance ***

It’ll be approximately 3 hours long with a break in between and it goes without saying, the cake will be cut and the teas and coffees will be in full flow on the day.


***£40 now, up until October 27th***

***£50, afterwards!***

The address is Woof and Ready, Unit 8, Glossop Brook Industrial Estate, Surrey Street, Glossop, SK13 7AJ.