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Please note – due to Covid 19 restrictions we cannot guarantee that all of our training classes will be able to take place in exactly the way they would in normal times. However we are continuing with all of our training classes, which may include a combination of in-person 1-2-1 training, group classes and video classes.

Dog Training

Dog Training Classes

Contented Canines Training School dog training classes are a fantastic and enjoyable way to educate, train and socialise your dog or puppy, and are also a great way for dog owners to meet other like-minded people and make new friends – both canine and human!

Dog Training

Dog Home Training

Contented Canines Home Training sessions are designed specifically to solve problems, working as a team with you to overcome any issues you may be having. We are committed to helping you and your dog in the most efficient and effective way.

Dog Training

Training Walks

Dog Training Walks – Our Dog Training Walks are a fantastic way to combine exercise for your dog with expert training even if you are short on time! We can work on a range of issues based on your requirements during regular results centred sessions.

Dog Training

Dog Walking Service

Work commitments, illness and injury and busy lifestyles could all contribute to a need for help exercising your dog. Dog walks from Contented PetCare break up the day and allow your dogs to stretch their legs, relieve themselves, and even make new friends!

Dog Training

Helpsheets and Advice

We love dogs at Contented Canines Training School and we want to help you and share with you ways you can help your dog and enrich his or her life. We hope you find our Helpsheets and Advice useful, and that putting our tips in to practice leads to a more Contented Canine!

Dog Training

Meet the Team

Nicola Davies established Contented Canines Training School in 2008 and is passionate about teaching dogs and their owners the life-changing benefits of positive reward-based dog training! She has successfully worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners.


Contented Canines Training School offers a wide range of dog training classes and dog training services in Glossop and the surrounding areas.

Contented Canines Training School was established in 2008 by experienced dog professional Nicola Davies BA (Hons.) MAPDT 01059 CAP1. Our mission is to provide you and your dog with the best possible service tailored to your individual requirements. We understand how important your dog is and we look after your dogs as if they were our own!

Get in touch to see what a difference we can make to you, your dog and your families lives!

What our customers say:

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The one to one sessions were a great start to understanding why Hugo did certain things and how to train him to heel and recall. This was then expanded upon during group training classes, which also a brilliant environment to help socialise and train Hugo with other dogs.

Nicola has helped us to understand why Hugo acts in certain manners and how to train him in a way that works for him. The training methods are kind and Hugo enjoys the praise and reward he gets when learning new things and adapting his behaviour.

Rebecca with Hugo