Puppy Training Ebook

  • Is your sweet new puppy destroying and wrecking your house? Toileting everywhere and chewing the place up?
  • Are your children afraid of your puppy, getting jumped up, bitten and scratched all the time?
  • Do you dread having visitors round and hide your puppy away?
  • Is it a full time job supervising and keeping your new puppy occupied?
  • New puppy and children not getting on quite as you had hoped for?
  • Are you worried that you will never have that family dog that you dream of?

New puppy owners make some common mistakes that are easy to avoid.

Download your free guide to make sure you don’t!

puppy training ebook

Our guide includes;

  • How to keep your dog and children safe around each other so that no-one gets hurt or scared.
  • How to teach the Sit so that your puppy doesn’t jump up.
  • How to prevent puppy from becoming aggressive around food and toys.
  • How to keep puppy busy with fun activities and keep to a routine to avoid puppy being naughty!
  • Shopping list of puppy essentials to keep puppy busy so that he doesn’t chew up the house or develop separation anxiety.


Testimonial from a Happy Family!

‘Even though I had had dogs before, it was brilliant to have Nicola involved from the beginning, in those very important weeks of toilet training, routine and socialisation.

Trixie is a Border Collie and even in those early days when she wasn’t able to go on walks, very much needed mentally stimulating.

It was brilliant to be focussed from the start and I’ve reaped the rewards since.

She’s just 12 months. I can honestly credit how amazing she is to those earlier home sessions and subsequent group training sessions with Nicola’

Zoe with Trixie



About the Author

Nicola is a professional dog trainer with many years of experience of working with dogs, in home training settings and in dog training classes. She has been a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for 8 years and is owner of 12 year old Joey the black labrador and mum to Thomas aged 8.

Introducing Joey to new baby Thomas posed a range of challenges which Nicola overcame with kind fair effective training. She now shares her advice and expertise with parents, families and their dogs.

Nicola is passionate about helping as many dogs and their families as she can, alongside educating children and their parents about how to stay safe around dogs and build long lasting relationships with them.

Nicola Davies – The Happy Family Dog Trainer