Helpsheets and Training Guides

Your guide to the Perfect Family Puppy!

THE PERFECT FAMILY PUPPY Deciding as a family to adopt a new dog or puppy can be such an exciting time! Dog ownership can be a wonderful asset to family life and the right family pet can be a valuable companion

Toilet Training or House Training Your Dog or Puppy!

  Toilet training or house training as it is sometimes called is probably the first thing we want to teach our new dog or puppy! All puppies and dogs are different, and will learn at different rates. There are lots

Firework Fear – Helping our dogs cope

WHAT IS FIREWORK FEAR? Any time from October onwards right through until after the New Year can be a stressful time for our dogs, and us owners. Why? Because this is when the dreaded firework season begins! If you have

Dogs and Money

  The pet industry is big business, and millions of pounds are spent every year pampering our pooches. So where can we save money? FOOD Pet food really is a multi million pound business. Pet food manufacturers often spend more

Working with Fearful Dogs

Fearfulness is common in dogs. In some cases it is due to an experience they have had (nurture), and in others it can be genetic (nature). Dogs may be afraid of certain situations, objects, sounds, smells – the possibilities are

Dogs and the Law

POOP SCOOPING It is the legal duty of all dog owners to clean up after their dogs. If you are found not to clear up your dogs mess you could be fined or face prosecution. Always carry an ample supply

What is Socialisation?

Socialisation is one of the most important parts of raising a well-behaved, happy and balanced dog. It involves introducing your dog to as many different experiences as possible throughout his or her life, and the earlier you can do this,

Rewards and Reinforcers

DEFINITIONS? REWARD – something given in return for a deed or service rendered (interaction or exchange) REINFORCE – to give added strength or support to (independent association, no one needs to be involved in reinforcement) PRIMARY (natural) REINFORCER – Food,

Recommended Training Equipment

FLAT COLLAR This can be leather or fabric – choke chains and half check chains will not be allowed in class. 6ft TRAINING LEAD A 6 foot training lead is ideal for both walking and training your dog. These are

Positive Training Methods

INTRODUCTION The aim of positive training methods is not to MAKE your dog learn, but make him WANT to learn. Dogs learn much more quickly and reliably when they are learning because they are enjoying themselves, rather than being forced

Introduction to Clicker Training

WHAT IS A CLICKER? A clicker is a small box that makes a distinctive ‘click’ sound when pressed. There are lots of different clickers on the market but often the cheapest simplest ones are the best! The ‘click’ sound acts

How to Teach Recall (or getting your dog to come back when called!!)

Recall (or getting your dog to come back when called) is one of the most important things you can teach your dog, and also needs the most work. A reliable recall can save your dogs life and can allow for

How to Teach Heel (or nice walking on a lead!!)

One of the main problems dog owners have is difficulties with their dogs walking on the lead. Dogs learn at a very young age that when they go on walks they pull, so it can take a lot of work

How Dogs Communicate

INTRODUCTION In order for us to train our dogs and live with them happily, we need to understand how they communicate with us and with one another so that we can ‘listen’ to what they are telling us. Equally we

Doggy Introductions

One of the most important parts of socialising your dog is introducing him or her to other dogs. This should be done frequently throughout your dog’s life, but is most important in the formative months and during puppyhood. If experiences

Doggy Golden Rules!

SCOOP YOUR DOGS POOP! Always carry bags with you for poop scooping and clear up after your dog! TRAIN YOUR DOG WITH KINDNESS! Choke/check chains, pinch collars and extendable leads can be dangerous and have the potential to injure dogs

Diet and Exercise

DIET A good diet can make all the difference to your dog. It can help your dog live longer, and keep him healthy and full of energy. The wrong diet can lead to allergies, behaviour problems, hyperactivity, and health problems.

Bite Inhibition

Puppies usually learn to mouth because they are reinforced for it in some way, usually with attention, even if it is negative attention! Mouthing is a normal part of puppy development and it is our job to teach our dogs

Activity Toys

INTRODUCTION There are a wide range of activity toys on the market now, by manufacturers such as Kong and Busy Buddy. Activity toys usually have a cavity for filling with treats and encourage independent play, which can keep your dog

Using a Gentle Leader Headcollar

ENSURING YOU HAVE A GOOD FIT The headcollar should fit snugly behind the ears – you may have to tighten it every now and then as it will loosen over time. The strap around the muzzle should also be snug