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Your Top Puppy Challenges Sorted!

Max the lab puppy

I love finding out from new puppy owners what they are struggling with or finding difficult, because it means I can help them! I recently asked on social media what new puppy owners needed help with and I got a

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Do you know who is walking your dog?

Yesterday there was a story in the news that really caught my attention. New guidelines have been released for Professional Dog Walkers. You may not realise, but absolutely anyone can call themselves a dog walker or a dog trainer at

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STAR TRICK – Settle on Mat

My star trick for this issue is ‘Settle on a Mat’! Autumn is the perfect time to start teaching this invaluable exercise to your dog. We are preparing for Trick-or-treaters knocking at the door, and then before long it will

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OUR FAVOURITE WALKS – Glossop Road to Compstall

1. Start walk on Glossop road, approximately 400yds after Peruga restaurant (postcode SK6 5RX) there is a large lay-by on the left of the road suitable for parking. Entrance into Etherow Country Park is opposite. Follow the path down through

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INTRODUCTION Lenny the German Shepherd Dog was 10 months old when his owner Natasha contacted me. He had previously attended our puppy classes but was now fully grown and going through a challenging adolescence. Every evening when Natasha sat down

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How a black labrador puppy changed my life

I’ve got a confession to make… I wasn’t supposed to work with dogs. That wasn’t how my career path had been planned out. But sometimes life takes you on journeys that you weren’t expecting, and this is mine! I grew

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Happy Birthday – We are 10!!!

THAT’S RIGHT EVERYONE… This year we are 10 years old!!! It is 10 years this Summer since I decided to leave my job and set up Contented Canines Training School. I started off in 2008 with 4 lovely dog walking

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SCRUFTS 2018 Dog Show for Reubens Retreat! Some of you may remember that last year we hosted a fun agility course at the SCRUFTS Dog Show for Reubens Retreat. And I am delighted to have been invited back again! Please

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TAILS FROM OUR TRAINERS – Molly the Lhasa Apso

INITIAL ASSESSMENT I was contacted by email by Fiona, owner of Molly. Fiona had recently adopted Molly, a 5 year old Lhasa Apso. Molly had been in her new home for around 6 months and was settling in nicely. She

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Why I don’t want to be the Pack Leader!

We’ve all heard the buzz words – we need to be the Alpha, the Pack Leader, or our dogs will try to dominate us. What rubbish! Using pack theory for training purposes is at best ineffective and at worst dangerous.

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