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SCRUFTS 2018 Dog Show for Reubens Retreat! Some of you may remember that last year we hosted a fun agility course at the SCRUFTS Dog Show for Reubens Retreat. And I am delighted to have been invited back again! Please

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TAILS FROM OUR TRAINERS – Molly the Lhasa Apso

INITIAL ASSESSMENT I was contacted by email by Fiona, owner of Molly. Fiona had recently adopted Molly, a 5 year old Lhasa Apso. Molly had been in her new home for around 6 months and was settling in nicely. She

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Why I don’t want to be the Pack Leader!

We’ve all heard the buzz words – we need to be the Alpha, the Pack Leader, or our dogs will try to dominate us. What rubbish! Using pack theory for training purposes is at best ineffective and at worst dangerous.

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Star Product – Winter 2018

STAR PRODUCT We have discovered our new favourite toy! I absolutely love our Kongs for chewing and filling with food but this is a brand new contender! As with our Kongs, we fill K9 connectables with treats and then link

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The Interview – Gill at Victoria Vets

THE INTERVIEW I have been with Victoria Vets 10 and a half years. My job entails meeting and greeting clients and their pets, booking appts for consultations, rechecks and surgical procedures, the day to day running of reception and its

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Tails from our Trainers – Recall with Lulu the Greyhound

INTRODUCTION Last year I had the pleasure of working on some Recall Training with the lovely Lulu the greyhound! Her owners Kirsten and Dan had recently adopted Lulu, a retired racing greyhound, at the age of 4. She had lived

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It’s OK, he’s friendly (Part Two)

In Part One I talked about how if a dog is scared of other dogs, it doesn’t matter how friendly the dog running over is, my dog is still going to be scared and is still going to start lunging

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It’s OK, he’s friendly!!! (Part One)

I must hear this at least once a week. And it is usually when an off-lead dog is coming running over to me and completely ignoring his owner!!! But it’s not OK, and it doesn’t matter if he is friendly

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Wonerful Walkies

One of the main problems dog owners have is difficulties with their dogs walking on the lead. Dogs learn at a very young age that when they go on walks they pull, so it can take a lot of work

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THE INTERVIEW – Kelly at Peak Petsitter

My name is Kelly Hallworth and I own and run Peak petsitters, a petsitting service for cats and small animals in the Glossop and High Peak areas. I am a fully qualified veterinary nurse with over 10 years experience -mainly at Victoria

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